The Power of Letting Go


By John Purkiss

Most of us try to get what we want in life by controlling people and situations – which usually doesn’t work very well. The Power of Letting Go takes the opposite approach, which allows everything to happen more easily.

Letting go will bring you better health, happier relationships, more creativity and greater prosperity – all without the stress of trying to control everything.

The Power of Letting Go will help you if you:

  • • Work hard, but aren’t getting where you want to be
  • • Find your old success formula has stopped working
  • • Want to develop more intuition, creativity or empathy
  • • Want to thrive regardless of changes in technology, the economy or politics
  • • Have learned mindfulness/meditation, and want to go further
  • • Have tried to meditate without success
  • • Would like a lot less stress and a lot more happiness and fulfilment.

We’re part of something infinitely intelligent that we can tune into. All we have to do is let go of the urge to control, and the thoughts and emotions that are holding us back. When we tune in, things happen much more easily. The Power of Letting Go will help you do this consistently, with far better results.

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