BU Evolution: In Conversation With John Purkiss – The Power Of Letting Go

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John Purkiss has a conventional background: economics degree, banking, management consultancy, MBA, etc. He worked hard and was very good at analysis, but he still got stuck. Then one day he learned to meditate by accident and his intuition switched on like a searchlight. He suddenly found he could ‘read’ people and situations. He now recruits chief executives, finance directors and other board members.   He is the co-author of ‘How to

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The Power Of Togetherness: Video

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Welcome to BU Evolution.  A sharing portal for the inner traveler, where emphasis is based on well being and where impressions and practical experiences are exchanged.   Our first video begins with the importance of togetherness.   Thank you to –Gaur Gopal Das.   What I Learnt From A Bridge by Gaur Gopal das What I Learnt From A Bridge by Gaur Gopal dasMusic: Fireflies – Soft Piano Music Posted by Gaur

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