In Africa they have a saying. “Ubuntu”. “I am because of we”. As communities disintegrate, global tension mounts and the earth and mankind are crying for the sense of community to be reawakened again.

At Bu Evolution we want to do our part in re-addressing the balance and we need your help!

We are creating a community where like-minded people can interact and share in our efforts for humankind and the well-being of our earth. We believe it all starts with sharing. We will be promoting free courses and live streams every week on spiritual well-being and health consciousness, drawing from different practices from all around the world, all in the name of sharing and nurturing a platform that everyone can put in and take out of for free. As we introduce our sustainable earth friendly bamboo clothing line we will use the funds to further develop our BU Community to continue to share and be involved with different projects.

We are offering Yogis, instructors, well-being educators all around the world a platform to share their knowledge and also promote their business. If you would like to be featured through the One Earth. One People.  Incentive and you feel you have a voice then we would love o hear from you.

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Browse our range of sustainable earth friendly bamboo clothing.  Its earth friendly, durable and supports our development of a new community for creative expression.


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